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All About the Smith Family

Welcome to our Travel Blog!

Thanks so much for stopping by our website. We are a family of five that  absolutely love to travel and share our experiences learning about new cultures, meeting new people around the world. There's Dad (Patrick), Mom (Jacquie) and our three wonderful kids, Malachi, Kanah and Keenan.  Our kids vary in age so we have to be creative and make sure that we are making travel experiences interesting for all of us.

We have travelled to places as far as China, Morocco and Turkey and as close as our own backyard in West coast and East coast provinces of Canada, and we have learned so much on every destination. 

We feel blessed to share these experiences with our children because we know that they will grow up to be better citizens of the world, appreciating and embracing everything that makes people unique while also seeing the similarities within all of us.

Our goal is to provide you with tips about budgeting for travel, planning vacations and stress-free travelling with kids. And yes, you can travel even after you have kids! My husband and I caught the travel bugs when we were young and didn't want to stop travelling once we had kids.  We believe that when you travel with kids, you help develop great life skills that will benefit them in the future. Flexibility, curiosity, respect and appreciation for differences are just a few qualities that kids can develop when meeting new people around the world.

When we're not travelling, Mom works in Human Resources, Dad works in Telecommunications and the kids are between work and school. 

We hope that we can provide you with useful information to budget, plan and enjoy travel either as a couple or with the kids.

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