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Greubel Forsey unveils its eighth fundamental invention: the tourbillon universal joint

Greubel Forsey has been developing new tourbillons for many years. Over the past three years, this particular tourbillon has moved through concept to reality and it is now revealed as the studio’s eighth fundamental invention. To attain new levels of chronometric accuracy, the Tourbillon Universal Steering wheel is based on three pillars: the rapidly rotating tourbillon, any rotating 30° bevel as well as two continuously tilting bands. high quality cheap watches

With regard to 20 years Greubel Forsey offers maintained its position that modern watchmaking is far from stressful all the technical possibilities of good watchmaking. The studio provides proven this in 7 landmark moments, developing foundational inventions that rethink the basics of motion regulation along with other major complex functions. This particular arduous undertaking focused on chronometric performance continues today using the launch of its 8th invention: the…

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